WHOA – Now you see him, Now you don’t.

21 10 2008

So, it was brought to my attention that I seem to well, disapear from my blog. I write a few small blurbs and then I am gone. Well, I figure that I should update more regularly if I am ever going to make it like, Anthony Bourdain, “No Reservations btw, is an epic show, avid viewer for a year now” or like that of Marcus Troy… visit… http://www.marcustroy.com , this man has an excellent blog of fashion, music, culture, and so many amazing places traveled. 

Anyway, I feel as though I owe it to the public, and especially my roommate Salley, for pushing me to update this blog.. “this blog” psshhh it’s not just a blog, it’s an outlet to the WORLD!!! Muahahahha….

Oh, and my other roommate, William Irw… Still does not have a bed, well, a box spring and mattress, so if you have a *NEW* Box-Spring, and Mattress combo, or one of the two, we would love to be a free handout session!..


Check the new pics.. for some new information.. about what I am doing, that keeps me from allowing YOU the public to see my face errr… writing from time to time.. haha.. *the N the I the T the T the Y the B the U the D… that’s NITTY BUD…. ZEEEEACK!…





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