If you can Identify this car.. You win:… well, nothing..

21 10 2008

Throughout my journeys to and from work, amongst the dreaded sea of metal and fumes, I tend to spot a diamond in the rough. A symbolic image, representative of an icon like David Blaine, Cris Angel, or David Copperfield. An item so cloaked beneath the covers of darkness, that it is unidentifiable in its camoflauged form… what is it you say?… 

I pride myself, I pride myself heavily on the ability to recognize fine pieces of machinery, taking note of their subtle body lines, and powerplants which turn the tire that graciously meet with the asphault below. However, because this little “gem” err..”piece of crap” is covered, as to if it is a Russian secret weapon, I cannot identify it, what so ever… My contact over at autoblog.com <— which I frequent ever so consistently, has not written back to me, as to what he would consider it.. so if you can.. you win, a smile from me, and a high-five for reading my blog.. 😀

Editors Note – Is driving while “photographing” punishable by law under the NO driving while using your cell-phone law?… I have yet to be tested.. muahaha…






One response

22 10 2008

hey korean… shouldnt you be paying attention to the road and not taking pics w/ your phone while you drive?! c’mon now! lol and my best guess would be… an altima!

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